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in Ha Giang in order to explore Ha Giang Loop? Contact Ha Giang Backpacker for perfect Motorbike Rentals and experienced drivers. Ha Giang Backpacker is a company specialized in organization tours in Vietnam which provide quality Motorbike Rentals. Ha Giang Backpacker is a prestigious and quality address for many years in Motorbike Rentals service in Ha Giang. 

Ha Giang Backpacker – the best motorbike rent service in Ha Giang
Ha Giang Backpacker – the best motorbike rent service in Ha Giang

Where to rent a motobike in Ha Giang

Renting a motorbike in Ha Giang is one of the most amazing travel experience when visiting here. Currently, you can easily rent a motorbike to explore amazing Ha Giang Loop by yourself (You just need your passport and driving license to register). If you don’t have a driving license, you should think of hiring an easy rider, take an easy tour or offer yourself a package tour which may well be an advantage to discover fully the natural beauty, unique – fresh atmosphere and creative vibe.

Recently, Ha Giang is well-known for its outstanding scenery and breathtaking views such as the spectacular mountain roads and the unique and colorful local culture. To explore that beauty with your own eyes, you can’t miss out renting a motorbike. But “Where can you get the best motorbike rental service in Ha Giang?”. That is also, a question which many tourists, backpackers wonder when they come here.

Ha Giang Backpacker – the best motorbike rental service in Ha Giang

With the hope of being your trip’s tour guide and advisor, Ha Giang Backpacker provides the best motorbike rental service which has an affordable price and includes support assistance services. You can choose some of the best motorbikes below which we already selected:

Honda Blade 110 CC Semi – Automatic

Price: 150.000 vnđ/day

Yamaha Sirius Semi – Automactic, 110CC

Price: 150.000vnđ/day


Lovo Lx 135 CC

Nouvo, 135cc, Automatic

Price: 200.000vnđ/day

Yamaha YB 125cc Manual

Yamaha YB 125cc Manual

Price: 300.000 vnđ/ day

SUZUKI HJ  135Cc manual

Price: 300.000vnđ/ day


Honda XR 150CC Manual

Honda XR 150CC Manual

Price: 650.000vnđ/day


Win Sufat 125cc manual

Win Sufat 125cc manual

Price: 150.000vnđ/day


The price of motobike rental Ha Giang includes

All rental prices is including a helmet free, bungee cords + waterproof plastic bags, protective gear with the elbow and knee pads,  glasses, raincoat, gloves, traveling map for tourists, especially 24-hour support and assistance and Free Tour Advice.

Motobike Rental Policies & QA and Terms

Requirements for motorcycle rental?

The renter is required to have valid A1 driving license + an International Driving Permit for the motorcycle to drive in Vietnam and follow the Vietnamese Traffic Regulations. The renter is fully responsible for her/his personal safety and liabilities in terms of laws and risks involved regarding the rental. Ha Giang Backpacker – Tour Information Center is not responsible for any personal injuries and/or damages/loss to your personal belongings under any circumstances.

Rental period

Each rental time is only on a daily basis and bikes need to be returned at the latest by 8 pm on the final day of rental. We do not offer hourly and km rental service. Petrol cost is not included in the rental fee. Full payment on the first day of the rental will be paid by cash, Visa or MasterCard [bank charge of Vietnam applies with 2,5%]. We will provide storage for customers luggage, airline tickets, and other valuables free of charge.

Security deposit

We accept valid passport, driver license or national ID

Refund policy

You will sign a contract for your motorbike. The contract will expire for X days. If you return earlier than the time in the contract signed, we will give a refund depending on the condition of the bike rented. If you decide to stay longer, you will have to send us a notifícation by email or text message. And the extra days will be charged according to the agreement of the original signed contract.

Accidents and Damage on the road

If having any problems on the road, you have to contact the HA GIANG BACKPACKER hotline for advice and assistance. Simple things like a puncture, etc can quickly be fixed by the many local mechanical workshops along the way. If there is a problem on the way which is serious and prevents you from continuing your trip, you are to pay for the transport cost to bring the motorbike back to our office, our mechanic will check the bike thoroughly to identify the problem.

If the problem is caused by the bike itself (fault in engine, bad maintenance, etc.) Ha Giang Backpacker – Tour Information Center will be responsible for all the repair cost and refund for the transport of the motorbike back to Ha Giang City but will have no other compensation responsibilities. If it is caused by the renter, you are only to pay transport and repairs. If you purchase an optional motorbike insurance, we will be responsible for taking the motorbike back to the rental shop and paying back for you a refund.

Renting a motobike in Ha Giang with Ha Giang Backpacker

Don’t hesitate to book the service of Motobike rental online, whatsapp, etc. You can also rent a motorbike to travel provided by us.

Address: 01 Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Minh Khai ward, Ha Giang City

What app:  +840366759190 / +84936345111




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